Use cases

Solutions Built for Any Industry.


The inVIEW SCADA in a Cloud combines all the advantages of traditional stand-alone SCADA systems with no costly infrastructure investment. Monitor and control your processes using only browsers on any kind of device, access your data, trends, and reports anywhere.

The inVIEW subscription-based business models (SCADA-as-a-Service) gives you the possibility to replace outdated SCADA system and to pay it as you go – no initial investments, no hidden IT costs, always up to date with the latest versions.


The inVIEW SCADA gives you all the tools you need for telemetry, smart metering, and remote monitoring and control of geographically distributed equipment applications – support for major IoT and industrial communication protocols, unlimited scalability, unlimited number of users, Big Data, redundant communication IIoT gateways.

Engineering of the applications is easy and fast due to special template feature support in editor, where you create your typical object or screen view only once and use it for all object of such type.


In projects where traditional SCADA is overkill or where it is not expected that the operator is constantly in front of the monitoring system, reliable alarming and notification system is indispensable. The inVIEW SCADA gives you a fully customizable email alarms & notifications system with user administration and rules based on user roles – as many of those as you might need.

Embedded MQTT communication driver enables the easiest connection for all your environmental carrying sensors.

BMS and Home Automation

Why not having industrial-grade reliability at your BMS or Home Automation projects? The inVIEW SCADA gives you the simplicity of creating your own browser-based monitoring and control solution with a possibility to create a separate type of visualization for PCs, for tablets and for smartphones.

And all that on a pay-as-you-go model, for only what you are using in your projects and without initial IT infrastructure costs and worries about upgrades and software updates.


If you are a manufacturer of healthcare equipment or sensors that would have a business benefit from remote data gathering, the inVIEW SCADA allows you the possibility to focus on your core business instead of developing and maintaining your own solution.

The unlimited scaling possibilities and an unlimited number of concurrent users gives you a space to grow. In an Enterprise model, white-label and even customized features are optionally available.


Farming, crop management and harvesting, irrigation, greenhouse automation, cattle monitoring and tracking, animal food preparation and storage, and many other agriculture businesses can all benefit out of the IoT technologies.

The inVIEW SCADA gives you the technology to collect and analyze huge quantities of data (Big Data), and even include AI based predictive analytics to make smarter decisions, reduce costs, and boost production.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Off-the-shelf VMI software solutions are usually cumbersome and impractical, while custom-built VMI software solutions are usually very expensive and it takes a lot of time to implement those. In both cases, those come with the inevitable cost of ownership and requires resources to maintain it which usually is not your core business.

The inVIEW SCADA gives you the possibility to build your VMI system on ready-available technology and to shift your VMI system from CAPEX to OPEX.

Traffic and fleet management

Either you are a manufacturer of tracking devices or a user of those, support for live maps and geotagging features that comes within the inVIEW SCADA in combination with MQTT communication driver to connect your IoT-enabled devices gives you an ideal tool for fleet monitoring and management systems.

Alarming and notification features, as well as the possibility to create rules logical rules freely, give you the freedom to customize your application as much as you wish.