Where nothing but a browser is needed for remote supervisory, control and data acquisition.

What is the inVIEW SCADA?

The inVIEW SCADA is a Cloud solution for remote supervisory, control and data acquisition projects. It is utilized for visualization and control of any kind of real-world automated processes or applications using web-browsers and for the gathering of data from the automation equipment or IoT devices. The inVIEW SCADA can be used in industrial, residential, infrastructure or even home automation projects.

  • Visualization of process data through web-browsers in real-time on any kind of client device
  • Data logging, events & alarms management, with an advanced notification system
  • Connect different control and field equipment through standard communication protocols
  • Big Data and distributed data processing tools to extract information from large data sets
  • Machine learning and AI batch processing tools to analyze data and identify patterns

The inVIEW SCADA is a service for all kind of your remote supervisory, remote control and/or data acquisition projects. It allows you to create your projects and run your business on an industrial-grade reliable cloud solution with all costs known upfront.


When using inVIEW SCADA for visualization of your data and for designing and editing of your project, you will need only web-browser on any kind of device. No additional software, add-ons or plug-ins of any kind are needed.


The inVIEW SCADA service is based on the subscription model and metered by the easily countable items – Tags (a variable used in the inVIEW SCADA solution to represent a value of some data from the connected external data sources).

Connect All Your Things

A vast number of IoT communication protocols are emerging these days, but we’ve made our choice to support the two most practical: the MQTT and the OPC-UA.


Connect all your IoT devices directly via MQTT


Connect PLCs directly through OPC UA or Modbus TCP


Connect your smart metering devices with IEC60870-5-104


Connect your collected health sensor data via MQTT


Connect your collected health sensor data via MQTT


Connect all your smart-home sensors via MQTT


Visualize with no boundaries

With inVIEW SCADA you can create your application graphical interpretations, dashboards, charts, trends with ease, using many existing components, or by easily creating your own components. Get the best visualization results regardless of screen dimensions, resolution, browser, operating system.

Design everything in a browser

The inVIEW SCADA requires nothing but a web-browser for full application editor and configurator functionality. Users can design and edit their applications without installing any additional software, plug-in or add-on at their PCs. Designing of application is done in a graphical user-friendly environment with all the tools needed for the job.

Making your equipment IoT capable

Even in case that equipment or devices that you want to connect do not support any of the natively supported protocols by the inVIEW SCADA, you can use software or hardware IoT Gateways for this purpose. We can offer you a different series of hardware inVIEW IIoT Gateways (link ka stranici Gateways), enabling connecting equipment with Modbus RTU, Profibus, Ethernet IP, Profinet, OPC, etc.

Data are secured and yours only

Standard data security measures and precautions are implemented, and in addition, VPN or security certificates can be implemented in case of private cloud dedicated server or on-premise server. inVIEW SCADA maintains highest security availability through continuous testing performed by specialized third-party security companies.

Stay/Become OS independent

With the inVIEW SCADA, you don’t need to think about the operating system, versioning, updates, discontinuation, anti-virus software and updates, databases, nor even hardware you’re running your project or accessing your application. In a provided service everything is included, your system is running on the latest and up-to-date software version and is at its peak reliability. Your HMI client devices no longer need to be a dedicated PC, since only web-browser is needed.

Expand your projects infinitely

Unlike software solutions that limit possibilities by different license types, or where you need to count for the all future project expansions and pay for that at the start, with the inVIEW SCADA you use only what you need and pay on the go. Your projects can grow without limits since there are no limitations on a number of tags or number of concurrent users. You can even switch between different price models in the middle of the project.

The way we use AI

With the digital transformation of industry, more and more data are being generated that offer a great deal of potential. But what would happen if the machines and processes could gather insights from these high volumes of data by themselves and optimize their processes during live operation? The potential would be enormous. The good news is that this can already be achieved by using artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence enables the trustworthy processing and analysis of large and complex datasets over the entire lifecycle – for better products, more efficient software and optimized production.

Using artificial intelligence creates entirely new opportunities for flexible, efficient production, even when it comes to complex and increasingly customized products in small batch runs.

The inVIEW SCADA performs extensive analyses to make the vast amounts of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) useful for optimization, simulation, and decision-making. Our solution enables you intelligent analytical technology to convert raw data into business intelligence.

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