What is inVIEW?

About us

We are a team of passionate and devoted engineers and software developers bringing automation engineers’ perspective into IT solutions – The inVIEW Team.
We make unsurpassable software tools and hardware devices for modern automation. One of our core products is inVIEW Platform – a place where Automation meets IT!

Our background

Shortly, INDAS is a company that deals with automation for more than 25 years as a vendor independent system integrator. With more than 70 employees, mostly engineers and software developers, INDAS is a leading company in South East Europe in its field of expertise, with references in several hundreds of automation projects in various industry areas.

About 12 years ago, our projects and applications were needing solutions that were not commercially available at the time, but we recognized those will be a future pathway in such type of applications – use of the Internet technologies for remote monitoring and control. We have formed R&D group, which during these years had up to 20 engineers and software developers dedicated to tasks of creating such solutions.

Few years ago, all of our products were unified under same platform – the inVIEW Platform – solution for remote monitoring and control of automation assets and connecting to supervisory management and database systems based on the Internet technologies.

Today, we are proud that our vision of future was correct and that our products under the inVIEW Platform were conducting all the practices of IoT, IIoT and Industry 4.0 – even before the worldwide hype of those words.

AZ Industry Assistance GmbH was founded by INDAS as sales and support centre for EU market.

News & Events

  • SPS IPC Drives is Europe’s leading exhibition for electric automation, systems and components, which is this year held from 27-29 November in Nuremberg, Germany. Like previous years, we will be exhibiting this year also at section „Software & IT in manufacturing“, with main focus on......

  • SPS IPC Drives ITALIA represents the Italian key event for industrial automation & digitalization. In its 8th consecutive year, SPS IPC Drives Italia has become the leading B2B platform for Italian OEMs and, as a result, for those looking at Italy as a potential market for......



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Name: AZ Industry Assistance GmbH | Legal form: Limited liability company
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