Keep your plant under control - always and everywhere.

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Real-time graphic visualization and control of automation systems using standard web-browsers.

A pure web SCADA can display all mimic animation and control, trending, alarm, report and so on directly and securely in any modern browsers that you like. You don’t have to download any cumbersome proprietary plugin that using activeX, applet, silverlight, and so on.

The implementation of valid industrial standards (OPC UA) allows you to reduce the efforts of your engineering, in particular the parameterization of plants and processes, to a minimum.

Independently inVIEW scada supports all typical SCADA functions like alarming, historization, trending, user management, multi language, etc.

Due to its flexibility, our products are generally applicable for all industry sectors, having its core segments within infrastructure, building automation, energy generation, production plants, and mechanical engineering.

Uses native internet technologies like HTML5 & CSS3 compatible with all new browsers

You want to ensure, that your application has to be engineered only once in order to work on a large number of different devices? You want ensure, that your HMI and SCADA solution will also be displayed by existing clients the next year? Then you should pay attention to the correct choice of words: because only native web technology does exactly this and web based not.

Because native web technology only needs nothing but a standard web browser! Only then you have the choice with which device you can open your visualization: Windows PC, Blackberry Torch, different Android and Apple devices, industrial panels, etc. … And the engineering only has to be done once.

SVG Graphics. Uses SVG (text-based graphics) for fastest delivery of graphics over internet without loss of resolution.

One of the obvious advantage of Web SCADA is the utilization of open vector image format SVG. As oppose to legacy SCADA, you may zoom into any mimic that drew in SVG without losing any details. However, traditional SCADA’s mimic will become pixelated. What you have drawn in office will appear perfectly fit at site machine even they are of different resolution. You no longer need to rework on those unnecessary painful distorted mimics. Check out and enjoy the beauty of SVG.

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Keep your plant under control, always and everywhere.

Factory in your pocket. Mobile applications for your smartphone or tablet. Works with any modern smartphone without any software or plug-in.

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Fast & Easy

Extensive control libraries and predefined templates minimize the engineering time to nearly automated generation of your applications.


Industry-standard communication security protocols. Integration with existing security infrastructure.


Support for all standard industrial devices, RTUs an PLCs and other field devices with support for OPC, MODBUS, IEC60870-5 & DNP 3 standardized industrial protocols. Support installation on virtual machines or cloud infrastructure.