Sharing and Accessing Data Anywhere is Easy

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All functionalities of Inview Web SCADA without complications that standalone installation of SCADA system carries

Moving all or part of SCADA applications to the cloud can cut costs significantly while dramatically increasing reliability and scalability.

  • Web-based software-as-a-service, so you can put it to work with no equipment or software investment
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • No SCADA software to purchase
  • No additional investment in IT personnel or IT infrastructure

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The Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

While most direct process SCADA system applications are remaining in-house, many sections of manufacturing plants are relocating to the cloud because the benefits outweigh the risks involved.

Following are some of the benefits of the cloud that are encouraging companies to move information there.

Sharing and Accessing Data Anywhere is Easy

Information that is stored on a cloud server is accessible anywhere in the world. This makes the cloud an especially attractive option for managers who constantly need real-time and historical information on the go.

Better Collaboration

Since information in the cloud is easily accessible, multiple individuals at different levels of the company can collaborate on projects more easily. This enables all parties to work together more efficiently, which increases the company’s competitiveness.

Ease of Upgrading and Adding Additional Applications

Upgrading and installing new applications are extremely easy in the cloud. Once applications are upgraded or installed, they are instantly available to everyone with access to the network.

Pay for Only What You Use

Pay-for-use operating expenses are cheaper than the costs a company incurs when maintaining and keeping their own hardware and software up to date – especially if only a portion of the space being maintained is actually used.

Space that Grows with You

When a company needs more space, it doesn’t need to add additional server farms, databases, web servers, etc. You can easily get more space on a virtual cloud-based server without the need to install and maintain additional hardware.

IT Costs are Outsourced

You don’t have to pay for as many in-house IT staff to provide support and maintenance for your inhouse servers.


The three biggest risk factors to consider for cloud-based SCADA system data are security, performance, and reliability.


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Scalable hardware and bandwidth according to customer need


Different configurations for different needs