Wastewater and Sewage Monitor

wastewater and sewage monitor scada

Real-time graphic visualization and control

The inVIEW pre-engineered solutions are a purpose-built products for remote monitoring and control of distributed automation assets, applicable to most of applications with geographically dispersed objects. The inVIEW Wastewater Monitor are a common name for collections of a field hardware units and software tools, designed to respond to the requirements of a modern automation systems.

Concept of the inVIEW Wastewater and Sewage monitor is based on intention to pre-engineer and standardize field equipment settings and software application as much as possible, in order to minimize disruption to process and to accelerate implementation procedure.

inVIEW Oilfield Monitor increases operations and production efficiency

  • Graphically display status of each object in real time, with maps
  • Log all production data in database
  • Analyze data and send back new set points
  • Create reports upon your request
  • Receive alarms and events information in real time on SCADA and by email and/or SMS on your smartphone
  • Access your system from anywhere, through internet from your PC or mobile devices (tablets and smart phones) independent of operating system
  • Application multi language support for geographically distributed systems over different countries

WebSCADA as a Service – Cloud SCADA

As compared to a traditional SCADA system, cloud SCADA solution is based on pay-per-use model for the field devices, telemetry and software, along with the IT infrastructure and network maintenance. This removes the burden and expense associated with the ownership of traditional SCADA software systems.

The Wastewater and Sewage Monitor improves reliability, scalability, and usability as users want SCADA data integrated with other applications.

wastewater sewage scada application

One Platform – All Devices

The Wastewater and Sewage Monitor relies on inVIEW WebSCADA – the new generation Internet technology based SCADA which enables users to monitor their remote installations in real time using PCs or mobile devices, by using a standard web-browser as SCADA client.

The inVIEW WebSCADA, besides the standard SCADA functionalities, features template application screens, which significantly reduces installation time for big number of same or similar automation objects (such as wells with same AL method). The inVIEW WebSCADA provide interface for real-time, episodic and logged data to other software tools through standard SQL database.